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Tweeting, blogging and self-publishing ebooks

Tweet UpI attended a really useful seminar – well, two seminars – run by the Society of Authors. The morning session was on tweeting and blogging, and the afternoon one on ebook self-publishing.

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More on self-publishing

Clive Shepherd, an education consultant in the UK, has written a very useful post about the processes involved in self-publishing in paperback via Lulu, and electronically in the formats required by the iBook, Kindle and Sony Reader.

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Top tips from a self-publisher

John Betcher is publishing a series of top tips for self-publishers, in batches of 5 at at a time. It’s all good stuff. John seems to do a lot of experimentation, and then reports back on how things worked out, warts and all.

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4 Reasons to get published

It's important to be published by a traditional publisher

Image by Terry Freedman via Flickr

In this day and age, in which anyone can publish and distribute their books electronically, or self-publish them by going down several routes (none of which need include the traditional vanity publisher), why should anyone bother approaching a traditional publisher? After all, very few of the thousands of manuscripts that publishers receive find their way into book form, and of those that do, very few hit the big time. There are, in fact, at least 4 reasons to try to get published by the age-old process of going to publishers.

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book_case_luluAlthough I have had many books published by traditional publishers, I like self-publishing. I like it because it is great for niche topics. However, it is most decidedly not an unequivocally good thing, and there are pros and cons of each approach. This video summarises the issues.

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