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Further thoughts on using Word for Desktop Publishing: Text Boxes

Back in April 2014 I penned a few lines on using Word as a desktop publishing tool. On the whole it works, but, as I noted then, it does have serious limitations.

I mentioned in that article that it was impossible to use automated cross-referencing between text boxes. Since then I have discovered something even worse.

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The point of pointless writing

What’s the point of doing exercise or yoga? The answer is, usually, to keep yourself generally fit and toned up. Unless you’re preparing for an athletic event, there is no specific or direct point to any of it.

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People in a station

People in a stationI love the attempts being made all around England to make stations more attractive.

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Using Scrivener for blogging

A short while ago I published an article called 5 reasons for using Scrivener for writing books.

I wondered: could Scrivener be used to write blog articles?

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5 reasons for using Scrivener for writing books

scrivener corkboardI have given up using Word for writing books. I may have given up on it for writing articles too. I have decided to move over to Scrivener instead.

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