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Reflections on the London Book Fair 2015

LBF2015 The sofa social networkingWell, the London Book Fair has been and gone. Is it only a week ago that I was trudging home with publishers’ catalogues and notes from the various sessions I attended?

I found it really useful: three days’-worth of excellent talks and discussions, for the princely sum of £35.

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What do writers earn?

A recent piece of research from the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) makes for some depressing reading – unless you are extremely optimistic.

The figures relate to 2013, and are not as good as their equivalents of ten years ago, in 2005. Well, not for the most part anyway. Here are some of them:

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More notes from the London Book Fair 2015

LBF 2015 Discussion before the discussionI spent another day at the London Book Fair today. This time, I had earmarked just two talks to go to, the rest of my time being given over to wandering around and seeing what looked interesting.

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Notes from the London Book Fair 2015

LBF2015 (1)I always look forward to the London Book Fair – I think it’s the thrill of being surrounded by so many books! Today was the first of three, and I used it to attend seminars for the most part.

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A self-publishing journey: laying the foundations

PaintbrushesAfter quite a long gap, I’ve decided to self-publish a few books. I thought it might be interesting to write up my journey, because perhaps the research I undertake will be beneficial to others.

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