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Websites for Writers: Writer Beware

Writer Beware logoWriter Beware is a blog that alerts writers to scams, and possible scams. In some respects it is like a consumer organisation for writers.

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Handwriting fonts revisited

handwriting stickieWhile I was writing the blog post entitled Handwriting on the Web, I was quite surprised that the typeface appeared as it was intended to: I’d assumed I’d have to take a screenshot of it to make it appear properly in a web browser. As it turns out, my original instincts were correct.

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Handwriting on the web

Pelikan Souverän M600: Handwriting SampleSo, you’d like to use a handwriting font on your website or blog? It’s pretty easy, but you ought to think about the impression you want to create. And perhaps use it sparingly, unlke in this article.

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Victorian Humour

Victorian Joke on pictureVictorian humour? A contradiction in terms, surely? Not according to Bob Nicholson, a lecturer in history who is on a mission to make Victorian jokes funny again (which presupposes they were funny in the first place, of course, but one assumes they were!).

Now, you may think this has nothing to do with writing, but it has. Bob is using a computing technique known as “text mining” to trawl through loads of Victorian publications held by the British Library, and extract jokes.

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Current reading: Books for Authors

In this article I look briefly at the Indie Author Powerpack and Business for Authors

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