Money, Money, Money

This article is not about writing or related matters as such; it's more about my experience of attitudes to paying for work. It's worth reading, I think, if any of the following applies to you:

  • you're thinking of asking a writer to do some work
  • you have some students who are hoping to earn money from writing
  • you are thinking of writing yourself.
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Should you write for free? 8 considerations.

On the whole, I am against the idea of writing in return for no money. We all of us have to eat, and find the money to pay the rent or mortgage. Moreover, the more people who are willing to write for nothing, the less likely it is for editors to pay for work. Unfortunately, the usual law of supply and demand prevails, which is to say that the greater the supply relative to demand, the lower the price in the marketplace. Even though the products being offered are not likely to be the same, if an editor needs an article, or is on a tight budget, price may well be the deciding factor.
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The key criterion of a writer’s success

transactionsHow do you know if you are, objectively speaking, a success as a writer?

Although I may be accused of taking too simplistic an approach to this question, I really do think that it comes down to just one thing.

Well, in practice, of course, there are many potential indications of success. For example, people telling you they like what you write. People asking when your next book is coming out. That sort of thing.

However, nice as such accolades are, they don’t pay the rent, and talk is, or can be, cheap.

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