A self-publishing journey: laying the foundations

After quite a long gap, I’ve decided to self-publish a few books. I thought it might be interesting to write up my journey, because perhaps the research I undertake will be beneficial to others.

It’s unfortunate, but what with doing lots of research into self-publishing, signing up for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing programme and Createspace, and attempting to earn a living and, well, just do all the normal stuff like shopping, I’ve had no time for writing in the last couple of weeks.

I know, I know: if I set the alarm 30 minutes earlier I could bash out a couple of hundred words before breakfast. However, I have decided that I should be good to myself, which at the moment means catching up on my sleep.

I also thought to myself – and perhaps this will help any other writer who finds themselves wracked with guilt over not writing enough – that the sort of groundwork I’m doing is important. In fact, it’s essential. And it can’t be outsourced in my opinion. Not if you want to make the best decision you can, at least.

Photo by Carlisle Hvac https://www.flickr.com/photos/carlislehvac/

I liken this phase to the period before painting the walls in your bedroom or lounge. You don’t dip the brush in a pot of paint and go charging towards the wall. You select the paint, select the brushes, cover surfaces, make sure cleaning agents are within easy reach. All of that takes time, sometimes even longer than the painting itself, but it’s the only way you can be sure of doing the best job possible.

As someone, I don’t recall who, said: “Well begun is half done”. Exactly.