More notes from the London Book Fair 2015

LBF 2015 Discussion before the discussionI spent another day at the London Book Fair today. This time, I had earmarked just two talks to go to, the rest of my time being given over to wandering around and seeing what looked interesting.

It's good to have a gallery from which you can get your bearings!

I forgot to mention in my blog post Notes from the London Book Fair 2015 yesterday that I had made a note of about half a dozen exhibitors that I definitely wanted to see. Well, not just see, but have a conversation with. I’ve managed to achieve most of that quest. Hopefully I’ll complete it tomorrow.

I should have liked to have visited the Society of Editors and Proofreaders, but they don’t have a stand at the show. I didn’t think they would, but we live in hope. They wrote a decent blog post about it last month though, which is well-worth reading if you could get to the Fair on the last day (16th April) but are prevaricating: Six reasons to go to the London Book Fair.

Yesterday one of my top tips was to get to the seminar theatre early in order to bag a good seat. Today I arrived at one so early that the previous one was still in full swing! It was on a subject I thought I had little immediate interest in, but I picked up some useful generic tips. Same thing happened yesterday. So Terry’s top tip of today is:

Get to your session so early that you see the last 15 minutes of the session before!

While trawling the internet for interesting blog posts about the London Book Fair that were not blatant exercises in self-promotion, I came across London Book Fair: a blogger’s-eye view. It’s a fascinating take on the London Book Fair that I’d never considered before, written by Ann Morgan who a few years ago “read around the world”. Take a look at the list of countries she visited through her reading, and the FAQs page on her website. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and now I have my work cut out catching up with reading Ann’s blogs and reviews about the books she read.