The point of pointless writing

What’s the point of doing exercise or yoga? The answer is, usually, to keep yourself generally fit and toned up. Unless you’re preparing for an athletic event, there is no specific or direct point to any of it.

I think we need to keep our “writing muscles” toned up as well. Given that a writer is, by definition, someone who writes (as opposed to someone who just reads or thinks about writing), it’s important to keep writing even when you have nothing in particular to write about.

To that purpose, I have started writing again at my My Writes blog. These are posts about random subjects as they occur to me, and their purpose is mainly to keep myself writing just for pleasure, and, hopefully, to provide some mild entertainment for others.

My latest article there, No accounting for taste…, is about my gift of a jar of – well, you can read it for yourself!


What do you do to keep your “writing muscles” honed?