Handwriting on the web

So, you’d like to use a handwriting font on your website or blog? It’s pretty easy, but you ought to think about the impression you want to create. And perhaps use it sparingly, unlke in this article.

elikan Souverän M600: Handwriting Sample, by DragonLord878 https://www.flickr.com/photos/57993471@N06/

As it happens, I didn’t think about this at all until I came across the “Dating fails” blog posts by Timothy Goodman. I say “came across”: they landed in my email inbox courtesy of an Adobe newsletter. Those articles, autobiographical notes about how he fared in the girl-boy game, clearly lend themselves to a handwriting font approach. Unlike the article you’re reading now, I think!

To find handwriting fonts, just do a search on “handwriting fonts for websites”. I found a particularly useful site: 75 Free Handwriting Fonts for Designers. The one I’m using here is Austie Bost Marketplace.

An article I think you will find especially useful is this one: Tips in Using Handwriting Fonts for Stunning Web Designs.

Well that's enough on this subject for now. Normal fonts will be resumed as soon as possible!