Inheriting ebooks

Amanda Katz asks: Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

It’s a fascinating article. Is rummaging through the contents of a Kindle that belonged to your grandmother the same as rummaging through boxes of books that belonged to her, assuming that you can even access them?

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The question could be academic, of course, in that Kindle books are licenced rather than sold, as explained in this forum exchange:

Do my heirs inherit my Kindle ebooks, or other restricted ebooks, when I die?

Which would you rather bequeath? Photo by goXunuReviews:

Here's another thought: if you are a self-published author, and you publish only in electronic format, does it bother you that nobody will be able to pass on their copies of your books to others once they have shuffled off this nortal coil and therefore have no further need for them?