Digital Writing Month

OK, it’s official: I am completely insane. The last time I posted anything on this website was back in July (sound of wrist being slapped), but I’d like to get going again. So what better way than to register for Digital Writing Month?

This is a project designed to last for, erm, one month: this month, November 2012 in fact. The aim is to write 50,000 words.


And therein lies my insanity. I consider myself to be fairly prolific, but even I manage only around 15,000 words a month. So I have committed myself to writing nearly 4 times my normal output, and I feel like I am pretty close to capacity now.

I wonder if shopping lists count?

So why do it? I can think of a number of reasons:

  • A way of kicking myself up the backside, to kickstart this blog again.
  • A reason (excuse) to do a few creative writing exercises when I ought to be working.
  • An opportunity to link up with other writers. (Writing can be a lonely profession.)
  • Oh yes. And insanity.

If you fancy joining in, you can register at the Digital Writing Month website.

I created a spreadsheet to record my progress. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve managed so far – not counting this article, which is around 200 words so far.

Almost there - ish!

If you (think you) suffer from writer’s block, this might be a good thing to get involved in.

And if you do, good luck!

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