Paperback Writer

The lyrics of this song by The Beatles will strike a chord with many publishers, I think. Sung in the first person, it’s about someone who fancies himself as a best-selling author – of the worst kind!

It includes generous offers such as:

you can have the rights: it’ll make a million for you overnight


I can make it longer if you like the style


There's a serious side too: lots of people think they can write, and may of them seem to think the world is waiting for them to bless it with their magnum opus.

I read a statistic somewhere recently that most books sell a round number of copies -- zero. Books take time and effot to write, and further time and effort to promote. And success is by no means guaranteed.

I've always wondered how The Beatles knew about the sort of person who is the subject of this song. But enough of this persiflage: enjoy the video!