A new Facebook page and a new newsletter

I’ve just set up a Facebook page for Writers’ Know-How, and a new newsletter.

Setting up the Facebook page was surprisingly easy, thanks to the wonderful video by Joanna Penn (see below). Joanna blogs at The Creative Penn, which I enjoy immensely. She has some great advice about writing well and promotion.

I  followed the video step by step, and achieving a new page was a lot more easy than I thought, and a lot less difficult than some would have you believe. I think what made the difference is that Joanna is either clearly not a geek, or is a phenomenally good actress. Her instructions are basic, friendly and down-to-earth.

The page says a little bit about who I am and why I set up this blog, and then the idea was going to be that visitors would be invited to sign up to a newsletter. It’s important to try to get someone to actually do something when they reach your page. Having them sign up for a newsletter is as good an idea as anything else you might think of. However, in a rare moment of common sense, I’ve decided to shelve the idea for now.

Now, enjoy Joanna's video!

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