Making Notes On Websites

Sometimes I come across a website and think it would be quite useful to bookmark for future reference. However, I sometimes find that on returning to it, I can’t remember exactly why! Or I am looking around a website with the intention of reviewing it, get interrupted, come back to it a week later – and find that I cannot remember what I thought about it, and so have to start all over again.

So when I found out about Net Notes, I was quite interested.  This Firefox addin makes it possible for you to append notes to a website. The clever thing is that when you navigate to a different website, the note disappears, only to reappear once you return to the original website. In other words, you can keep independent notes about each site you visit.

Here’s a screenshot of a net note I made earlier:


I’ve no idea what happens if you decide to clear your cache and cookies completely – I don’t want to lose some useful settings – but it seems pretty good so far. It’s not fancy, or fully-featured like Evernote (which I’ll review separately), but it is handy in that the notes you make for a website are right there when you go to the site. The only thing you have to remember is to open the Notes sidebar, otherwise nothing shows at all.

The video tells you a little more about it too.

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