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I’m slowly rebuilding my own books. Many of the books I wrote and either self-published or had published are still theoretically available from my Amazon page, but they’re out of print. To keep updated on my book-writing activities and other book-related stuff, sign up to my newsletter, Terry Freedman’s Books Bulletin.

Privacy notice

If you buy my books through Payhip, you will be able to download a personalised version that has your email address on each page, and the date of purchase. I will be sent a notification that you have bought it. I keep these emails on Payhip for the purposes of being able to re-send the book if customers experience a problem, or issuing receipts. Payhip adheres to GDPR requirements according to its privacy policy. I don’t do anything else with the email addresses stored there, so if you would like to be kept updated about my books either subscribe to my Books Bulletin or my Digital Education newsletter.

If you buy through Amazon or Kobo, they don’t tell me who bought my books, but they obviously store your email address. Therefore, the information about keeping updated about my books still applies.

Terry Freedman’s Books


Getting the Most out of Education Conferences

Although written with education conferences in mind, this book provides useful information in relation to any conference. Topics covered include:

  • What are the 21 reasons you should attend a conference?

  • What are the 35 key things you should do before the conference?

  • What are the 37 things you should do at the conference?

Available from Amazon or Payhip.